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Browse our menu and try one of our unique dishes made using only the freshest ingredients. Yee Man can make the next night in one to remember!

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1471 Paisley Road West
Hillington, G521SH

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130 reviews


  • Food was tasty portions pretty tiny. Shame.


  • Excellent


  • Dreadful. Honestly, how do takeaways get away with selling such awful, tasteless, soggy, stodgy rubbish? You got the orders the wrong way around (order: Wor Tip Chicken and Honey Chilli King Prawn, received: Wor Tip king prawn (in which I came across a, no doubt accidental, piece of ginger - woo hoo), and Honey Chilli Chicken (no honey, mostly onions) and covered everything in batter, which you then dumped in a really poor sauce! Frankly losing hope with takeaway chinese in Glasgow - but this is the poorest we've had in a long, long time.


  • Love salt and chilli chicken!


  • came faster than what it said, but that's good


  • although this takeaway is not the nearest to me and I have tried numerous in the area It is by far the best which is why I keep going back


  • it was 50 mins late stone cold greasy with sause whem requested no sause also got pinnaple chicken ratrer than orange chickem and the rice was boiled not fried as payed for even in chicken fride rice they even burn the prawn crackers.. i called twice told first time it was on its way arrived 20mins later then wneb called to complain was told they did not know who i was could not find order and refusedto collect and refund, rude unhelpfulls staff who cannot cook or maybe cannot even read. all went into the bin totaly inedable and a waist of money and was not cheap to start with . do not use totaly awfully i all aspects.


  • this take away is not the nearest to my home but after trying several chinese in the area this is by far the best Hence the reason I keep coming back


  • have tried various chinese in the area although this is not as near as others it is by far the best I keep coming backl


  • Order still isn't here almost 2 hours later. Will not be ordering from here again including used HungryHorse. First and Last. I'll stick to JustEat! So annoyed.


  • I always ask them to call me every time when they are outside with my delivery, they don't call until they have waited outside for 10-15 minutes. Food is worth waiting for tho


  • Had to wait over an hour for the food ( first time wasn't impressed )


  • Unhappy. Awful. Took too long for such unappetising dish. Won't order again sorry. I think I can't be more elaborate than this.


  • delivery was prompt food still piping hot on arrival and very tasty


  • After waiting more than an hour on asap delivery, The ribs were tasty (but contained a large amount of onions) , and so where the spring rolls (although on the verge of being cold ). The chow Mein was extremely oily, to the point where the only thing you could taste was oil/grease. You could literally squeeze the chicken/prawn/beef pieces and they would drip oil.